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with one alleged father and one child.



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Why choose DNAForce?



Many laboratories will test as little as 6 genetic markers and as a consequence will provide incorrect results once in every 100 reports. Our laboratory will test a minimum of 18 markers reducing the error rate to less than one in 1 BILLION.

DNAForce is a trusted name in Canada for paternity tests. All of our tests are done in an laboratory accredited by AABB, ISO 17025 and SCC.

A simple and painless mouth swab collection is sufficient to do a DNA test that will exclude paternity with an accuracy of 100% and prove paternity with an average accuracy greater than 99.9999%.

DNAForce offers the highest testing standards because we understand how important these results are.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is the mother required?
For a DNA test between one alleged father and one child, the mother is not required.

About DNAForce
Based in Toronto, DNAForce is canadian owned and operated. DNAForce offers accredited laboratory services such as paternity tests. The analysis laboratory has more than 20 years experience in the field and performs more than 10,000 tests per year. In addition, DNAForce is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company and maintains a score of A+, the highest possible score.
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What is the procedure?
It consist of collecting the saliva inside the mouth with cotton swabs. Alternatively, if saliva collection is not possible, special samples can be used.

Are the tests admissible in court?
Legal reports are available for all tests and cost $100 +tax additional (with the exception of the prenatal test). For the prenatal test, the legal report is available for an additional $200 +tax.

How long for the results?
Paternity test: 8 business days.

Can I do the collection at home without ordering the kit?
Yes, it is possible if you have Q-Tips or cotton swabs and a printer. Print these instructions and return the samples by mail at the indicated address.

What is the minimal age for a child to do the test? There is no minimal age. The DNA test can be done as soon as the baby is born and the results will be accurate.

Are the online prices up to date?
Yes, all prices and all information on this website are up to date.