The mitochondrial DNA test



In order to understand what a mitochondrial DNA test is, you need to first understand what mitochondrial DNA is. Mitochondrial DNA is made of 37 genes that are passed unchanged from mother to child, generation after generation. It may also be referred to as family tree DNA.

The mitochondrial DNA test is a form of genetic DNA testing where the mitochondrial DNA of two people is compared to determine whether or not they share common maternal ancestry. Therefore, this type of ancestry DNA testing can reveal whether or not two people are related on their mother’s side.

The mitochondrial DNA test or the ancestry DNA test is a very simple procedure that is not only painless, but it is also extremely quick. A qualified nurse will collect the DNA of the respective participants by swabbing the inside of their mouth. The DNA will be then processed and analyzed in a laboratory. The report will indicate if the two people who were tested share the same maternal lineage.


Opt For Legal Or Informational Mitochondrial DNA Testing

The report of a mitochondrial DNA test is sometimes used as a legal document. There are particular circumstances where individuals may require official results of the genealogical DNA testing to support their case: child support or custody cases, immigration applications, birth certificates, tax requirements, adoptions, court orders, inheritances, and other legal reasons.

An informational DNA test is a test that you will not be able to use for any legal or official reasons. In such cases, you can order the private mitochondrial DNA test kit or visit our clinics with an appointment. The results of the informational test and the legal test will reveal the same thing. However, the report of the informational test cannot be used for legal purposes.


What does the report contain?

The report will be delivered to you by mail, email or fax, whichever way is convenient for you. It will contain identification of the participants, a list of tests performed and their results, and a sworn statement by a representative of DNAForce (if it is a legal test). The report will clearly indicate whether the participants are biological father and son.


Additional Information

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Tested Parties

2 or more individuals

DNA Test Fee

$550 + tax for two people for buccal swabs, other sample types variable - please inquire. Appointment fees of $100.

Results In

21 days